This cherry birdhouse was a real joy to make! The deep cherry pink glaze sits beautifully on the surface, fading to cream at any raised areas - accentuating the carving decorating the sides. it would make a cute and colourful addition to hang in a tree or sturdy bush!


It's worth noting too, that this one is likely to be the only cherry birdhouse! It was originally glazed in my raspberry glaze but I had to refire it a couple of times to remove a stubborn unglazed patch. This repeated firing darkened and enriched the colour to this deep cherry. Beaut! 


£50 including P&P mainland UK.


Makers notes:

With so many components, these birdhouses are a great challenge to make. Starting out as a blob of clay, I form the initial enclosed shape by throwing it on my potter's wheel. Once semi-dry I secure it back on the wheel to be trimmed and the entrance hole cut carefully. I add the three 'nubbins' for the cord to thread through and I then take some time to carve into the sides creating undulations for the glaze to interact with. I also rather like that the bottom of the house is carved too, so if hung aloft it can be enjoyed from below. The perch is glued on and finally, the nylon cord threaded and tied. 

Cherry Birdhouse


    Helen Walker Ceramics

    Southbourne, Dorset, UK.


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