My Sunshine Lady is my inspiration and my aspiration for all women. To enjoy the summer and the sunshine no matter our shape, size or colour. I believe our bodies are beautiful and amazing, and should be celebrated. However, it is something I personally struggle with to accept for myself- while embracing the believe for others passionately. I have always find summer a particular challenge - I hide under layers of clothing, roasting while longing to enjoy sunshine on my skin. But this lady represents the future for me and every other women feeling body shamed into covering up. Let this lady be a daily reminder to be proud and never stop pushing for self love and acceptance. 


Like everything in life, she's not perfect. Sunshine lady has a crack along her foreheard and two tiny ones on her waist, forged in the final glaze firing. The highs and lows of working with extreme heat! I however want her to be out there in the world as a positive force so here she is on sale at 50% of the price. Free postage and packaging to the UK. Worldwide fees apply.


Height: 18cm 

Waist: non of your business :)

Sunshine Lady

£250.00 Regular Price
£125.00Sale Price