This beauty is the jewel of my Winter stock. Yule Tide is an ancient celebration from which much of current-day Christmas traditions are pinched from! One of these is spiced Cider, so whether your grog of choice is Spiced Cider, Sloe Gin or Honey Rum, why not make your own and encase it in this one of a kind handmade bottle. 


Thrown on my potter's wheel, with little handles attached, I then etched the snowflakes into the face of it. The glaze is a beautiful blue and pale blue like snowdrifts but breaks into green too. The rim is finished with a touch of decadent silver. 


This Yule Grog Bottle will come complete with a recipe card of my favourite spirits to make at Christmas, and encased in a luxury gift box. You can send this direct to a loved one, and include a handwritten card. Just add your message to 'notes' at checkout. UK postage is also included in the price. 


Size: 12cm high x 13.5cm at widest point

Yule Grog capacity: 450ml

Yule Grog Bottle