Do you accept commissions?

I am not currently accepting commissions. This allows me to freely create and explore what's on my mind and be flexible with my own personal deadlines. I expect to open up to commissions in the future.

Why are your batches so small?

I'd love to make more, but I currently work just 2 days a week (not including all the admin tasks done in snatched time).

How long does it take for items to be posted?

I aim to get your orders to you within 5-10 days. However I can't control any delays by couriers or Royal Mail so this could be a little longer under some circumstances. If you have a date you need something by please contact me before purchasing and I will do my best :)

Can you ship worldwide?

I do ship world wide although costs have been all over the place because of Covid19. You can contact me either before or after purchasing an item to then get up to date shipping costs added. You will be responsible for any customs and export charges or complications. Shipping overseas will be at your own risk of breakage. Although I will package your items up as carefully as possible- while trying to keep size and weight to a minimum.

What's you set up?

It's just me, in my home studio. I work alot in my conservatory that I've pretty much taken over. This is where I throw the majority of work and where it dries. It is a lovely spot overlooking my garden and my happy place! I have also taken over our large shed which houses the kiln, glazes and where I do the more 'messy' work if you can believe there is anything more messing than slinging mud on a wheel!

Do you offer lessons?

I don't yet offer lessons. I'd like to one day, but as I only work 2 days a week, I simply dont have the time to run lessons and make my own art (but mostly tidy up for lessons between my own making forays!)

Can I collect from you?

Yes absolutely I love meeting my customers! When you checkout, select collection and I'll email you the details.

Do you do wholesale?

I do work with some lovely small businesses and really enjoy the collaborative process. I am however usually too busy to take on more, but please do contact me and we can discuss your brief and timings and see if we can align.

How can I support your little business?

I think it's under estimated how much social interaction and engagement really helps little businesses like me out. Liking, sharing, saving posts and commenting on them all contribute hugely. I like to think I've built the cog, but I need help turning them- and these interactions do that. I use affiliated links in my blogs. This is where in my articles I add links to relevant and specific products that are for sale on other sites eg Amazon.These are only ever products that I use (or very similar) and when you click on these and go on to purchase that product I get a very small amount of money to go towards a bag of clay or a coffee. Signing up to my newsletter is a great way for me to reach you should social media go down (it's happened) or my posts aren't showing on your feed. It means I can reliably update you with my next shop drop. These are irregular and I don't foresee me sending emails regarding much else, but if you find them too much then you can unsubscribe at any time. Recommend me to your pals! You can do this by word of mouth or by sharing my posts, or tagging sepcific friends into comments on my posts. This all helps a great deal!